Anna Matecka

My name is Anna and I am a qualified Polish Teacher

Anna Matecka - polish teacher

About me My name is Anna, and I have been living and teaching in the United Kingdom for several years. I live in the lovely town of Fareham on the South Coast of the UK, where I moved from London with my software developer husband, two kids and two guinea pigs. I immediately fell in love with the British coast and nature.
Working with people from various parts of the world is very challenging and exciting at the same time. That is why every single lesson is different because all of my students are different. But all of them have the same goal - to speak Polish. And it is a great pleasure for me to help them achieve it!

Qualification and teaching experience: My experience includes leading classes for individual students as well as bigger groups. I worked at 2ndLanguage - one of the oldest Polish language schools in London and in Polish Saturday school in Finchley. I have an MA in Polish Studies from the University of Slask in Katowice (a mining town in southern Poland). I want to teach my students the richness of the Polish language through literature and culture. I believe that the very best language teaching combines linguistic knowledge with that of the culture and customs of the country of origin.

Online teaching I really appreciate personal contact with my students but the last few months have shown me that online lessons can be as good as in-person ones (or sometimes even better!). I strongly believe that online learning brings us a lot of new possibilities. I know how to use new technologies to prepare interesting and engaging lessons for my students and I feel very comfortable with the online environment. If you would like to try an online lesson and learn Polish from your home you have found the right person! Please check what my students say about online lessons with me.

Anna Matecka

Bookworm I love teaching and preparing the best lessons for my students. But in my life, there is also a lot of space for other things, especially for reading. For as long as I remember I’ve spent the majority of my time with my nose buried in books. Polish literature has a special place in my heart but I also like to read novels from all over the world.